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About KMG

Since 1989 KMG has been manufacturing the most thrilling and unique amusement rides. Over 300 KMG rides can be found all over the world, transportable models but also in amusement parks.

Our story

The company KMG was founded in 1989 as a rides manufacturer.  Founder Mr. Isje Kroon was born as a fairground operator and  started building rides after creating a ride called ”’Tropical Trip”. He operated his own ”Tropical Trip” at fairs and events ’till a demand arose to manufacture such rides for other fairground operators. This was the moment when KMG was born as an amusement ride manufacturer. Nowadays, the family owned  company is proudly run by Mr.Kroon’s oldest son, and the youngest son is responsible for the service department. Approximately 25 people are employed by KMG, including the future generation of the Kroon Family. With this incredible team we are able to built 10 rides each year.

Our products

Every year our ”in-house” specialized engineering team develops new types of rides for both the fairground and amusement park industry. The collaboration between father, son and the KMG team stands for development of new and innovative products wich are easy to operate and to transport. The most recognizable feature of a KMG Ride? None of our rides require a crane for the set-up and build down. To make this happen our engineering team makes sure the ride can be folded  with limited space on the trailers. All of our rides are designed to be the most durable as possible.  Ofcourse these new rides all meet the high KMG quality standard.

Our Team

Whether we build a new machine, maintain existing rides or come up with completely new concepts: we are here for you.

Without our dedicated team we would’nt be making our great rides. Together with a team of 25 people we have succeeded to grow overtime, and make more rides than we have ever imagined. At this moment the KMG team can build up to 10 rides each year. Our skilled engineering team is working closely with our mechanics to create the best collaboration for our new rides.

Are you looking for a product and/or ride that meets your requirements and wishes?
Please contact our sales team and get informed in detail about all the possibilities, or make an appointment with our sales team.

We are KMG

  • A family owned business since 1989
  • Unique products with proven quality
  • Good service and warranty included
  • Expert advice on purchase
  • Great after sale support and maintenance

Some of our rides

Vortexswing rides


High Tower Ridefamily rides

High Tower Ride

XXLswing rides


Parajumpfamily rides


Balloon Ridefamily rides

Balloon Ride

Speed 32thrill rides

Speed 32

High Swingfamily rides

High Swing

Inversion 24thrill rides

Inversion 24

X-Drivethrill rides


Mission Spacefamily rides

Mission Space

Tangothrill rides


X-Factoryfamily rides


Afterburnerswing rides


Discoverythrill rides


WHL-70ferris rides


Move-It 24thrill rides

Move-It 24

WHL-33ferris rides


Surf Ridefamily rides

Surf Ride

Inversion 12swing rides

Inversion 12

Vortexswing rides


High Tower Ridefamily rides

High Tower Ride

XXLswing rides


Parajumpfamily rides