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About KMG

History of KMG

The company KMG was founded in 1989 as a rides manufacturer.  Founder Mr. Isje Kroon was born as a fairground operator and  started building rides after creating a ride called ”’Tropical Trip”. He operated his own ”Tropical Trip” at fairs and events ’till a demand arose to manufacture such rides for other fairground operators. This was the moment when KMG was born as an amusement ride manufacturer.

Nowadays, the family owned  company is proudly run by Mr.Kroon’s oldest son, and the youngest son is responsible for the service department. Approximately 30 people are employed by KMG, including the future generation of the Kroon Family. With this incredible team we are able to built 13 to 14 rides each year.

Every year our ”in-house” specialized engineering team develops new types of rides for both the fairground and amusement park industry. The collaboration between father, son and the KMG team stands for development of new and innovative products wich are easy to operate and to transport. Ofcourse these new rides all meet the high KMG quality standard.

Are you looking for a product and/or ride that meets your requirements and wishes?
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KMG devises, designs, develops, calculates and draws all rides in-house. A skilled engineering team guarantees the development of good and safe rides that are built according to the latest safety requirements, with the most spectacular movements, easy operation and efficient use and maintenance. KMG rides are being developed for both amusement parks and fairground companies. At KMG, all of our rides are designed and developed according to the latest European EN and ISO safety requirements. We use the latest 3D and FEM software for drawing and calculating new rides.


All KMG rides are assembled at the factory, tested and personally delivered to the customer. During the assembly, safety and quality checks are constantly carried out to build the highest quality product possible. When the production of the ride is finished, it will be delivered by a KMG employee to the customer and put into operation. The customer receives expert training for use and maintenance of the ride.


There are over 300 KMG rides in operation worldwide and that number is growing every year. That’s why the KMG service team, which operates all over the world, provides the assurance that service or assistance in the case of on-site technical failures is guaranteed for all our customers. In addition, our highly trained technical team is available 7 days a week for technical help and advice. The KMG service division has stationed technicians at various locations around the world to provide adequate service. KMG is therefore known worldwide for its high quality products, service and after sale support.

In essence

  • a unique product with proven quality
  • good service and warranty
  • expert advice on purchase
  • great after sale support and maintenance
  • a customer-oriented policy

Some of our rides

XLR8thrill rides


Move-It 32thrill rides

Move-It 32

X-Drivethrill rides


X-Factoryfamily rides


Vortexswing rides


Move-It 24thrill rides

Move-It 24

Surf Ridefamily rides

Surf Ride

WHL-70ferris rides


Speed Buzzfamily rides

Speed Buzz

Afterburnerswing rides


Speedthrill rides


Freak Outswing rides

Freak Out

Experiencethrill rides


High Tower Ridefamily rides

High Tower Ride

Swing Itfamily rides

Swing It

Tangothrill rides


Sickoswing rides


Para-Jumpfamily rides


Mission Spacefamily rides

Mission Space

XLR8thrill rides


Move-It 32thrill rides

Move-It 32

X-Drivethrill rides


X-Factoryfamily rides