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What makes a great ride a great ride? A question that is quite familiar within our company. Everyday we discover more exciting aspects through engineering and phsysically building our rides.


KMG devises, designs, develops, calculates and draws all rides in-house. A skilled engineering team guarantees the development of safe rides that are built according to the latest safety requirements, with the most spectacular movements, easy operation and efficient use and maintenance. We use the latest 3D and FEM software for drawing and calculating new rides. KMG rides are being developed for both amusement parks and fairground companies.


During the assembly of our rides, safety and quality checks are constantly carried out to build the highest quality product possible. The certified welding, coating, decorations, design of electrical cabinets, assembly of hydraulics and trailer parts are now outsourced to companies and suppliers with which KMG maintains close ties and has been sharing it’s experience with for over 30 years. The close cooperation with these suppliers leads to a very high-quality product by combining the various expertises.



At KMG, all of our rides are designed and developed according to the latest European EN and ISO safety requirements. . In order to comply with the current EU and TüV safety standards and to ensure the high quality of our rides, KMG has a specialized engineering team. In addition, we also work together with independent engineering firms and inspection bodies.


When the production of the ride is finished, it will be delivered by a KMG employee to the customer and put into operation. The customer receives expert training for use and maintenance of the ride. There are over 300 KMG rides in operation worldwide and that number is growing every year. That’s why the KMG service team, which operates all over the world, provides the assurance that service or assistance in the case of on-site technical failures is guaranteed for all our customers. In addition, our highly trained technical team is available 7 days a week for technical help and advice. The KMG service division has stationed technicians at various locations around the world to provide adequate service.

Some of our rides

VortexPendulum rides


Inversion 24thrill rides

Inversion 24

Experiencethrill rides


LED Backdrop Concepts/other rides

LED Backdrop

Speed Buzzfamily rides

Speed Buzz

Fun Factoryfamily rides

Fun Factory

High Swingfamily rides

High Swing

Swing Itfamily rides

Swing It

XLR8thrill rides


X-Drivethrill rides


Freak OutPendulum rides

Freak Out

Discoverythrill rides


Speed 16 thrill rides

Speed 16

High Tower Ridefamily rides

High Tower Ride

Parajumpfamily rides


Move-It 32thrill rides

Move-It 32

Speedthrill rides


Move-It 24thrill rides

Move-It 24

Inversion 12Pendulum rides

Inversion 12

VortexPendulum rides


Inversion 24thrill rides

Inversion 24

Experiencethrill rides


LED Backdrop Concepts/other rides

LED Backdrop