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The KMG wheel: Reimagined


The KMG wheel: Reimagined

After 3 decades of building the most thrilling rides, we finally started with the development of Ferris Wheels. After years of putting the thought of wheels  aside, 2020 brought us new perspectives on this subject.

A little history lesson;

The Ferris Wheel finds its way back in 1893. Invented and build by George Ferris, to whom this classis attraction owes it’s name. This steam powered wheel had a gigantic height of 70 meters. As you can imagine, this wasn’t very comon for the time being. This wheel wasn’t transportable and was placed at the World Expo in chicago.

The KMG wheel: Reimagined

There is still a gap in the market for Ferris wheels that are transportable and easy to build. Based on our expertise in making rides that can be built without the use ofa crane, 3 completely new Ferris wheels are being developed by KMG. The WHL-33, WHL46 and WHL-70 have a hydraulic setup system that makes a crane unnecessary. Making an attraction as compact as possible is our distinguishing factor, wich will also be the case with our Wheels! 

The engineering and development of the WHL-70 is scheduled to be completed by mid-2022, as is the physical construction that will also take place around this time.

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