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Happy Holidays from KMG Rides


Happy Holidays from KMG Rides

It is almost time to ”wrap up” 2021 and to move forward into a brand new year. 2021 has been a special year for everybody in the amusement industry, including KMG Rides. Not only did we have to face great challenges this year, but it was also an opportunity to look at things from a different and new perspective. That being said, 2021 has been a very re-newing year for us and we are thankfull for the projects that we have finished this year.

We can proudly announce that there are a lot of new rides coming up and delivery times are now available from late April 2023. We hope to resume business as normal as possible as the world is slowely re-opening their doors for our industry.

We want to thank all of our clients, friends and followers for the continued trust and support in our company this year.

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