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The Afterburner has a long swinging arm, which swings up to 120° with a maximum height of 22 metres. this is the bigger version of our Freak Out ride, but this one goes from left to right. At the bottom of the arm is a rotating hub with 6 gondolas that offers seats for 24 persons. 

Not only does the ride swing  with much speed but the hub below the arm rotates with a speed of 15 RPM. This ride can be delivered as a park or transportable model, both highly suitable because of the high capacity. Ofcourse with a special theming or/and LED package. The ride is built on two trailers. The construction time of this machine amounts 3 to 4 hours with 3 persons.   


Technical specifications

Sizes (WxDxH) : 17,7 x 12,2 x 21,0 m
Weight : 50 T, (110.300 Lb)
Power and Voltage : 3x400 V, 125 A, 80 kW
Number of gondolas : 6
Capacity persons : 24
Persons per hour : 480
Number of transports : 2
Model : Park & transportable
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