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Worlds biggest transportable Ferris Wheel.

A  transportable  Ferris wheel that gives passengers  a magnificent view from unique location, fair or event.  With a staggering height of 70 meters (230 ft), this KMG WHL-70 is the biggest transportable ferris wheel in the world.

A stunning LED lighting package and many other innovative features makes the  KMG WHL-70 wheel  a signature piece and like nothing that has ever seen before. High quality materials and the latest techniques make it possible to set this exclusive wheel up without the use of a crane. This wheel has 45 gondolas and has a total capacity of 270 passengers. It is build on 9 centerload trailers.

Are you interested in one of our Ferris wheels? Please contact us and ask for the possibilities. Currently we are also working on developing the WHL-33 and WHL-46.

Technical specifications

Sizes (WxDxH) : 23,0 x 25,0 x 67,0 m
Weight : 330 T, (727.600 Lb)
Power and Voltage : 3x400 V, 250 A, 155 kW
Number of gondolas : 45
Capacity persons : 270
Number of transports : 9
Model : Park & transportable
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